SR Security can provide you with high resolution aerial drone footage for whatever your requirements. 

The surveying of a property or site for things such as corrosion & dilapidation is far easier when carried out by use of a drone rather than manually & it causes minimal disruption.

Our drones can collect high resolution imagery at a safe distance, enabling our clients to view detailed photos & footage to check for high level or difficult to access maintenance issues & general inspection. 

Drone inspections can save companies thousands by identifying any potential maintenance issues at high level or in hard to reach areas before they become a problem, resulting in less down time.  A drone inspection also means there’s no need to close an asset down to carry out a visual inspection.

Another way that savvy companies are employing drone technology is to carry out regular ‘sweeps’ of their site, in particular the perimeter to check for security breaches such as any tamper issues or vandalism that could potentially lead to intruders gaining access.  With a drone inspection, problems can be quickly identified & consequently rectified.

An increasing number of companies are discovering the benefits of using drones as part of their security, visual inspection & planned preventative maintenance schedule.

Ultra-high- definition 4K CCTV takes clarity to a whole new level

4K CCTV introduces ultra-high- definition recording capabilities and imagery. 4K has a horizontal resolution of over 4000 pixels, and a vertical resolution of 2160 pixels. This provides greater clarity and images can be zoomed up. This provides greater detail and also allows a wider field of vision for the cameras to operate over. High-definition cameras can be strategically sited to cover driveways, entrances and gardens. They record continuously on a standalone network video recorder. This gives you peace of mind that any activity in and around your home or business is being monitored and recorded in real time, with crystal clear visual precision.

Protect your property with a SmokeCloak

SmokeCloak is a proactive security measure, which will stop intruders in their tracks.

Installing intruder alarms will alert you to a break-in, but will not deter the criminals. Alarms are reliant on a key holder or police response. However, most property loss occurs in the initial three-to-five minutes of a break-in. Install SmokeCloak on the premises and within seconds of a break-in, the protected area is filled with a dense cloud of fog. This provides an effective, visually impenetrable barrier. It forces intruders to leave the premises, as the space is obscured from view.

We create soluitons to meet your exact business requirement.

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