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CCTV is a cost-effective way of reducing crime. It monitors and records onsite activity, inside or outside your property.

Many of our clients benefit from having a new CCTV system installed. There is a wealth of data that points to major reductions in the amount of crime carried out where CCTV cameras have been installed. As a result, this makes a strong case as to why CCTV is often seen as the ideal system for the deterrent and detection of crime.

All our systems have an advanced remote access facility built-in.  The only additional equipment you need in order to use it is an existing broadband connection and router.  This type of installation carries no further costs for its operation. You can also fully control your system from any remote PC, Smartphone, Blackberry or PDA. You can even program the system to email you when motion is detected.

FULL HD Cameras
4K CCTV Systems
PTZ cameras (pan tilt zoom)
PTZ Tracker Cameras
ANPR Cameras
Facial Recognition
Covert/Hidden Cameras
Hidden / Microphones
Link to existing network infrastructure and audio visual systems.
PTZ Tracker Cameras

Our products

With so many types of CCTV products to choose from, there is the right security solution to meet your needs.  We offer an extensive range of products: 

  • Great quality high definition cameras and 4K CCTV for ultra high definition images
  • Point, tilt and zoom cameras provide images from multiple angles, while tracking cameras can automatically track people or vehicles
  • A selection of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras and facial recognition cameras are available
  • Discreet products such as covert and hidden cameras provide peace-of-mind
  • Hidden microphones and body worn cameras provide safety and security
  • All our products can link to existing network infrastructure and audio visual systems, and can be remotely accessed, viewed and played back.

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